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"The Biggest" is myself Miguel Rockwell & Joe Hawkins AKA HawkinsBird. We're lucky enough to know a lot of talented and creative people in the Seattle area so we're gonna sit down with them and have some good conversations about stuff.
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Apr 6, 2018

Had a chance to chop it up with the man, young Romaro Franceswa. He broke down his upbringing as a PK, his career jump start with Bean One and his transformation into his latest project. One of the town's most passionate performers. it's time to #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Mar 23, 2018

The homie/world traveler Sango came thru and gave us an in-depth interview with all kinds of history. From his humble beginnings making beats on a Gateway computer to his unique blend of Soul/R&B/World Music. This one has lots of game. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Mar 9, 2018

The homie Chino'o came through and gave us some real insight on his journey emigrating from Somalia as a kid already into Tupac, his label's partnership with Black Umbrella, and his recent run-in with the secret service over the content of his latest music video. This one is illuminating for sure. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Mar 2, 2018

The Biggest is helping to present a new bboy based series from our friend and former guest Brysen "JustBe" Angeles along with The Beacon Studio. Check out the trailer for the first episode of "BOOGIE PICKERS".  




Major corporate sponsorship is real in today’s Bboy Bgirl community. Big brands like RedBull and Monster Energy are putting money behind breaking events, bboy teams and even breakin schools. How does this effect our community and culture and what does this mean for future generations of bboys and bgirls? See what this group of well respected Seattle BBoys have to say about this and other things.


Discussion points - Keeping the integrity of the culture • Protecting yourself as a professional dancer • Judging Breaking competitions • Contributing to the dance • Undisputed World Bboy Masters.


Guests: Juse Boogy/Marcus Garrison, Fever Won, Free/Alfredo, Mozes/Lateef Sale 'em, Orb/Dufon Smith, Brysen Angeles


Features: Thias Lopez, Bboy Neguin, Profo Won, BBoy Ark/ Jeff Wong, Victor Montalvo, Vero, Oleksandr Lussy Gatyn-lozynskyi, Bboy Vero, @BBOY ISSEI, Oleg Kuzya Kuznietsov, Onel Chris Ntentis, Spin - Soul Mavericks, Dr. Hill skills, BBOY IVAN, BBOY STORM, BBOY FLOMASTER, Bboy Moy, RoxRite Official, Bboy Bojin, Dj Lean Rock, Tone, Ken Ny, Thomas Oragami, Jerome Skee Aparis, Ron Burgandy, Massive Monkees, Circle of Fire, SoulShifters,BOSS crew.... BBOY Wicket BEATS (credits)


🎥 Terrence Jeffrey Santos

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Shouts to: Michael Miguel Rockwell Garcia, Benito Ybarra, Chris Wright Freestyle Session, Stance, Joe Stolte, Daniel Zhu, Michael X. Huang, Matthew Chernicoff, Massive Monkees Studio: The Beacon, Timothy Soriano The Pitt, Terrance Dionicio Guillermo, Crazy Legs, Jonathan Higuchi, Aaron Martin, Ken Swift, Bruce Lee



Feb 21, 2018

Our new homie Ryan Caraveo came through to chop it up with us and break down his evolution in the game. Don't sleep on this man cause while you do, he's blowing up and connecting with fans all over the country. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Feb 2, 2018

We've had this one in the tank for quite a while. 96 crew's very own Kung Foo Grip paid us a visit and it was all comedy! Greg and Fish chopped it and we felt like old school homies. Plenty of dope stories and hella clownin'. Get Familiar It's The Biggest!

Jan 19, 2018

Young entrepreneur Chris Carey reached out and said he'd been checkin' the cast down in SoCal and was coming home to the NW to visit so he stopped through the studio to hip us to his Clothing line Fumesick. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Jan 5, 2018

The homie Nima Skeemz sat down to give us the rundown of how through random connections and meeting people he ended up becoming one of the town's most prolific producers with a signature sound and a catalogue of collaborations/placements to match. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Nov 10, 2017

Been excited to drop this one. The young singer/producer/songwriter/MC Otieno Terry came through and gave us the in depth breakdown of his evolution. Dropping this to accompany his new album Jaguar Stupid that is out now everywhere. Cop That! #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Oct 23, 2017

Our longtime friend Amos Miller came through and gave us the full backstory on his roots in the town, his numerous production contributions and of course his own inspiring catalog of innovative takes on Hip Hop and R&B. Super town shit, and great inside stories. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Oct 2, 2017

Seattle Soul Ambassador Tiffany Wilson came through to tell her story, break down her latest album and give us all the info on her new indiegogo campaign. Be sure to check the campaign out, it's live now @ but only until 10/06/17. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Sep 22, 2017

Town veteran and my guy Dj Topspin fell through the cast and we got a ton of first-hand Seattle hip hop history. The blends, the mixtapes, the Sinsemilla & Tribal Music. Top breaks it all down in this thorough interview so #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Aug 14, 2017

The young homie Travis Thompson came by and we chopped it up about his quick rise in the local scene, touring, Billy Hoyle, and of course growing up on Ambaum. He and Joe became Honey Mustard besties and the Red Robin trips are on the calendar. Time to #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest!

Aug 2, 2017

This is probably the biggest episode we've done so far (pun intended). Joe & I were both heavily influenced by De La Soul when we were growing up so to be able to sit down and chop game with Maseo was definitely dope. Not much description required. #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Jul 17, 2017

Seshin' it up with Nate The Intern. Two separate days of convos. Some 4:44 talk. We, of course, had to get the 39 year old white guy perspective with the "Hawk Take". Plus some other good material for you to #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Jul 10, 2017

One of our closest friends in the world, Kelly Ogilvie came by the podcast to talk about his career path evolution. From his beginnings in politics to quickly becoming an entrepreneur, starting multiple businesses at a young age and to his current incarnation as the co-founder and CEO of a cannabis-based company, Deep Cell Industries. Entrepreneur Month continues and there's a plethora of knowledge in this one so #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Jun 23, 2017

As part of our "Entrepreneur Month" Seattle's own Darkalino aka Marcus Lalario came by the podcast. We got some dope stories about my man's evolution in the game from starting in promotions at a young age to managing rock bands and now owning multiple businesses. Covering major ground in this one so pay attention and #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Jun 16, 2017

We had to get our guy Dannie Wormwood from Dafug to come back through and kick it. This guy is one of our closest friends in the world. We've all known each other since we were 10 years old so there's plenty of chemistry and inside jokes but undeniable moments even if you're not inside. Sneak peeks of a few dope new songs and an intro to our new intern so #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Jun 9, 2017

Been juiced to get this one out for a minute. We had a chance to chop it with one of Seattle's most successful producers Jake One and the convo was nothin but gems and funnies. My man Jake has such a huge catalog it took forever just to add in all the drops but it really gives a good idea of his trajectory. If you don't know, it's time to #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

May 27, 2017

My guy and famed internet antagonist Dj Nphared stopped through to chop it up with us about his history in the NW and how he ended changing directions as a Dj to get where he is today. As usual, jokes a plenty so #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

May 12, 2017

We finally got a chance to sit down with one of Seattle's entertainment specialists, Miss Casey Carter came by the studio and it was quite an entertaining discussion. From her history as a blogger to her new stint as a podcast host and more we got some great stories from this young media titan so if you don't know, it's time to #getfamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

May 5, 2017

It's a new Sesh with friend of the show, Young Swany, Taysean. We chop it up about the new Gorillaz album, organic rasberries and we finally ask the question, "What the hell is a dancery, Mary J Blige?" #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Apr 28, 2017

We were finally able to get the entire Flavr Blue squad together in Seattle at one time, so even though there was pretty major snow that afternoon and we didnt even have power at the studio until about 10 minutes before they arrived, we got it done and it is comedy. Some great previously untold stories and all around #TownBiz #GetFamiliar #ItsTheBiggest

Apr 21, 2017

We've really been enjoying doing these interviews, documenting our scene and we hope that you've enjoyed them as well. We decided that in addition though we also want to have some opportunities to just hang out, chop it up and talk about whatever comes to mind. Sooooo... every other week we're going to be bringing you a new episode that we're calling "The Sesh". We are going to do our best to have a guest on each one as well but instead of spending the whole time strictly talking about their life/career, we'll have the freedom to talk about new music, movies, politics and much, much more! Expect to hear new guests and of course "friends of the show", so tell a friend to tell a friend that you'll now be getting a new episode (in theory) Every Single Week!  #ItsTheBiggest

Apr 7, 2017

We had to do a special episode and dedicate it to the man we call "The Mayor" of Seattle Hip Hop. Jon Moore paved the way for so many of us here in the town so we got stories and memories from a bunch of people that were close to him to help keep his legacy alive and celebrate what a great man he was. #ItsTheBiggest

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