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"The Biggest" is myself Miguel Rockwell & Joe Hawkins AKA HawkinsBird. We're lucky enough to know a lot of talented and creative people in the Seattle area so we're gonna sit down with them and have some good conversations about stuff.
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Nov 17, 2016

My family Lace Cadence came through and we got his full story down from how I met him when he was in middle school to Blast Off, Clockwork and where he's come with The Flavr Blue. It's all familiarity and jokes with this one. #ItsTheBiggest!

Nov 3, 2016

Finally the first woman to grace The Biggest and it just happens to be my good friend Karen Wild. This lady has tons of great stories from her 19 year career in radio, plus this ep is packed with hilarity and anecdotes about some of hip-hop's finest that you've definitely never heard before. #ItsTheBiggest

Oct 21, 2016

The homie Pearl from the legendary Champagne Champagne came thru with some amazing stories, new music to share, and an impromptu ditty to wrap up the episode. One of the most fun we've had recording. An inspirational soul this man is and this needs to be heard. Get familiar. #ItsTheBiggest

Oct 6, 2016

Fresh off 8 months of touring with Macklemore, one of my closest friends, Brysen Angeles of the world famous Massive Monkees crew stops by to talk about B-boy influences, MM crew history, whether it's cool to bite and of course Downtown. Get hip. #ItsTheBiggest

Sep 22, 2016

My big bro DV ONE stopped by to give us some game on everything from jheri curls to DJing for the Seahawks. It's a plethora of laughs and dope history so get familiar with our latest episode. #ItsThe Biggest

Sep 7, 2016

Soooo... we did this interview with the homie Spekulation a few months ago and got to talk all about his production, how he gets his weed paid for and his plans for the future.  Fast forward to 2 weeks ago and he ended up announcing that he was gonna stop rapping. We definitely had to get him to come back to explain his decision and he was kind enough to oblige. Pull up a chair. #ItsTheBiggest!

Aug 26, 2016

Fresh off a year-long stint across the pond my bro DJ Hyphen comes through for one of my favorite episodes to date. We spend minimal time on his back story and then delve into everything that comes to our minds from Game Of Thrones to Kanye. A true convo amongst music nerds. This is what The Biggest is all about. #ItsTheBiggest

Aug 10, 2016

Hella excited to finally put this one out. I reached out with a "cold call" FB message to the OG, Nasty Nes a while back, to come on the podcast and talk about his life in the hiphop radio game and he was nice enough to come and bless us with a super ill interview. The nicest guy with amazing stories. It's another one for the books. #ItsTheBiggest

Jul 29, 2016

My guy Prometheus Brown aka Geo of The Blue Scholars came through for an epic in depth convo about all things food and music related. From his formative years at UW to becoming a respected MC and his most recent adventure as a chef doing Filipino pop up restaurants, this is a tale you don't want to miss. #ItsTheBiggest

Jul 13, 2016

Our guy Jimmy James stopped by to talk about all of the work he's been doing and the projects he's a part of. From his work with Grace Love & The True Loves to his weekly gigs with Funky 2 Death and everything in between, Jimmy has cemented himself in this new soul revival that's making some major waves as of late. #ItsTheBiggest

Jun 29, 2016

My long time friend and part time gate keeper/key holder Larry Mizell stopped through to talk about literally everything we could think of. From his family's history in the music biz to his own contributions, NW message board beef to writing his own weekly column and embracing the changes in today's mainstream hiphop. This is an extended episode you dont wanna miss. #itsthebiggest

Jun 15, 2016

We had a chance to sit down with "Mr. Thrift Shop" himself Wanz for a great convo about his musical history, touring the world nonstop for three years straight, whats next after having a platinum grammy winning song and transitioning back to a 9-5 job in the meantime. As always #ItsTheBiggest!

Jun 1, 2016

So glad to finally sit down and talk with my brotha Marques Lewis aka Risk One. I had to get down to SF to make it happen but it was well worth it as we talked about how he randomly fell into DJ-ing, building his brand in the remixing game early and of course the battle with Cancer that he's been going through for almost a year and half. So much good conversation came out of this trip and this interview so we're excited to get it out there. Joe wasn't able to make the trip so shout out to my guy Chad on the impromptu co-hosting. We're still evaluating your future with the company. LOL! #ItsTheBiggest

May 20, 2016

My guy Aaron stopped by and we got the full history of his musical journey from student of music to band leader plus we got to chop it up about how he fell into the opportunity to help bring The Legacy of Seattle HipHop exhibit to fruition.

Apr 15, 2016

On the day of my man's sold out homecoming show at The Showbox in Seattle, we present you with the definitive Sol interview. We talk about everything from racial identity to his interesting super hero cousin and delve into the thought process behind his new album and the team that helped him put it together.

Apr 1, 2016

Super dope conversation with my guys The Physics, where we discuss everything from Jodeci and discovering grown up beers to shoe shopping with Floyd Mayweather and reppin' the town like it should be done.

Mar 17, 2016

Grynch came by to chop it up about Mortal Kombat, G-Funk, white rappers, Star Wars and a million other things. Great conversation with my dude. Joe wasn't available for this one but he and a special guest make a cameo on the intro

Mar 11, 2016

We recorded this a while back when our Fam Dafugadaheer slid through for a comedic hangout session where we discuss everything from gambling for Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis games to the influence of Brotha Lynch Hung and bootlegging Seahawks gear. It's The Biggest at it's finest. Jokes and Jokes & jokes + jokes

Feb 26, 2016

The Biggest is BACK... for the 1st time. Spac3... MAN!!! Miguel Rockwell sits down for an interview with the legend that is Spac3man. BTW Joe had to work but we Hawk'd it up a little on the intro for you. Enjoy. This is Yewwjj aka (Huge). At least for us. It's The BIGGEST!!!

Feb 9, 2016

"The Biggest" is myself Miguel Rockwell & Joe "HawkinsBird" Hawkins AKA the most redundant man I've ever known. We are two music aficionados who like to talk and have relatively high opinions of ourselves but not necessarily of each other. We're lucky enough to know a lot of talented and creative people in the Seattle area so we're gonna sit down with them and have some good conversations about stuff. 

This is just our introduction episode, we're gonna start offering you shows bi-weekly so subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and we'll see you...  I mean, you'll hear us... on The Biggest podcast!

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